Summer Tapestry
Aperol Sunset
Summer Light
Blue Inlet
Endless Summer
Beach Escape
Harborside #2
Cool Breeze
Morning Walk
Birdseye View
Just A Memory
Harbor Mist #1
Harbor Mist #2
It Must Be Magic #1
It Must Be Magic #2
It Must Be Magic #3
Salt Air #1
Salt Air #2
Salt Air #3
Spring Arrived
The Visit
Key Lime
The Bridge
Cool Cool Waters
A Touch of Pink
Sunrise, Sunset
Just A Moment
Maine Remembered
Changing Skies
Blue on Blue
Dawn Illusion #2
Touch of Blush
Spring Thaw
Sand and Sea
The Sandbar
Blue Shore
That Summer Moment
Passing By
Warmth of the Sun
Drama At Dusk
One Day In May
East Wind #3
How the Light Hit the Shore
Shoreline Moment
Cape Elizabeth Winter
Raspberry Sunset
A River Runs Through
River Stones
Changing Seasons #1
Beach Stones By Day
River Run
Brooklyn Waterfront
Beach Stones By Night
Golden Feathers
August Shore
Morning Light
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