Artist Statement

 Picasso once said,  " It took me years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child."

As a former teacher of art, my young students were always playful and fearless in their approach. Their broad strokes and bright palettes were charged with energy and a joy to behold. Now, now as i resume my career as a painter, I approach each canvas with the same ethos. my rich toolkit includes bold colors, reflective strokes, multiple layers, and varied textures.

I grew up in Maine, where the lulling sounds of waves breaking against the shore and the din of distant fog horns were part of my everyday existence. This simple beauty saturated my soul, is part of who I am, as expressed in my artwork. With many return visits to maine as well as many inspiring trips to New York City, Italy, the south of France and other exquisite places, I have integrated the beauty of the man-made and natural environments into my work. Rather than the traditional land or seascape, my paintings create a "feeling of place". I believe place allows us to to access those special feelings and memories that escape our usual awareness.

Working with children has allowed me to see the world through their lens. as a result, each one of my pieces reflects my joyful heart and sense of spontaneity. It gives me great pleasure to create works that are true to my aesthetic and meaningful to others.